Strategic Needs Assessement

Assess Performance Improvement Opportunities

Where are we going? – How are we going to get there? – How well are we performing against the competition? – What is keeping us from achieving our goals?

Have you been asking yourself these questions about your employees and your organization?

Using proven methodology and successful diagnostic tools we identify the factors contributing to inadequate employee performance and offer solutions that are value-driven. Our goal is to ensure that your investment of valuable resources focuses on focused outcomes and improved performance


Connect with Fanny

Fanny Z. Korman’s ability to communicate and relate to diverse multi-lingual, multi-cultural groups has made it possible to succeed in the international arena. Ms. Korman has expanded her international experience through facilitating courses in the United States, Canada, Singapore, China, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. She has conducted courses in Spanish to audiences in Spain, Central and South America.