Can The Sandwich Approach to Feedback backfire?

In her article posted in the Harvard Business Review on June 9, 2016 Christina Curtis gives us some excellent tips on how to “Teach Our Teams To Expect Success”. She follows the wisdom of being careful about inadvertently promoting the self-fulfilling prophecy of failure by getting stuck on what went wrong and not focusing on leveraging […]

Managing change – how complicated is it really?

We all agree that we must adapt to change in order to stay viable, it’s basic biology – evolve and adapt or become extinct! The trick is understanding how well we cope with the changes we face in life, in work and in our environment. How else can we manage these changes and our reactions to […]

Do Good Managers Make Good Parents? Part One in an Unending Series

So what do you think? Many experts would have you believe that work and family are separate worlds, governed by separate rules, which require separate training. Don’t get me started on all of the projects I have been pitched by “Big C” consulting companies on how to better run my company. The really good consultants […]

Do Good Managers Make Good Parents? Part Two in an Unending Series

Having begun to answer this question in the last blog, we move to a subject which really gets me started, the ground level stuff of managing and parenting – the consistent application of standards and accountability. I’ll jump to my experience in clinical social work to share what I have learned. When I was a […]