FZK Associates

Allen Annett, MA

Image of Allen Annett FZK Performance Solutions Senior Associate

      • Expert Human Resources Consultant
      • Expert Management Consultant
      • Executive Coach
      • Organizational Development and Change Leader

Constance Billé, MA

Image of Constance Billé

      • Customer Service Engagement
      • Performance Improvement Consulting
      • Instructional Design Specialist
      • Technical Training Development and Facilitation

Sonia Di Maulo, MA


      • Performance Improvement Consultant
      • Mentoring and Coaching
      • Program Evaluation
      • Facilitation and Training
      • Instructional Design Consultant

Dawn Mahan, PMP

Image of Dawn Mahan - PMP

      • Certified Project Management Professional
      • Business Consulting
      • Senior Leadership Consulting and Talent Development
      • Program management
      • Technical and PM training development and facilitation

Roger Korman, PhD

image Roger Korman, PhD

      • C-level coaching and mentoring
      • International Business Consulting
      • Corporate governance and strategic planning
      • Digital Marketing
      • Change Leadership


Kevin Curtis Taylor, MS, CSM,

Thumbnail picture of Kevin Curtis Taylor: Masters of Science in Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning, Certified Scrum Master.

      • Program Evaluation & Organizational Analytics
      • Digital Marketing & Digital Analytics
      • Organizational Learning & Social Media Engagement
      • Blended learning specialist
      • Google Analytics Certified

Connect with Fanny

Fanny Z. Korman’s ability to communicate and relate to diverse multi-lingual, multi-cultural groups has made it possible to succeed in the international arena. Ms. Korman has expanded her international experience through facilitating courses in the United States, Canada, Singapore, China, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. She has conducted courses in Spanish to audiences in Spain, Central and South America.